Felt garden snail sewing pattern PDF & Tutorial with photos, DIY stuffed animal #1303

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Create a cute felt garden snail with our felt sewing pattern PDF & Tutorial. Perfect for a spring or summer craft project, this felt animal ornament makes a great gift for both mom and children. Follow the easy instructions for a unique felt toy that you can be proud of! It’s a great gift idea for mothers, grandmothers or children — and it’s sure to bring a smile to their faces!

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Looking for a unique and fun craft project that’s perfect for spring or summer? Try this Felt Garden Snail Sewing Pattern PDF & Tutorial. It’s easy to follow, and you’ll be rewarded with a cute and cuddly felt garden snail! This is a great gift idea for your mother, grandmother or kids — and it’s sure to bring a smile to their faces. Get creative and make a snail of your own — it’s a great way to bring color to your home!

Required materials:

Felt, Polyester fiber, needle, scissors, sewing threads. A more detailed list can be found in the PDF file.

Files for downloading includes:

– 1 PDF file. PDF file includes: list of materials, pattern for printing, detailed tutorial with photos and step-by-step instructions, list with useful tips for sewing felt toys (Instructions for performing popular types of seams for sewing felt toys)

– 1 JPG file – sewing patterns for printing on A4 paper.

Finished size:

Felt snail size: 13.5 x 10.5 centimeters or 5.315 x 4.134 inches

Me and my contacts:

My name is Ekaterina Byrkova. I am a designer of patterns for cross-stitch, and also create other things from plastic canvas, fabric and felt. You can find me here: @smasterilli (Pinterest, Tumblr, Boosty) and instagram @smasterilli_patterns Also I have a website www.smasterilli.ru

Copyright and other information:

All rights reserved. All patterns and tutorials are intended for personal use only. It is prohibited to share, copy, resell, license and sublicense, use in advertising and use for other commercial purposes.


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