Butterly cross stitch bookmark, plastic canvas pattern PDF & tutorial DIY

Plastic Canvas craft for Beginners: Features of Embroidery and Work with the Material

Plastic canvas is a type of canvas for cross stitch and embroidery which is made from thin plastic. This material is a popular choice among embroiderers, particularly those who are new to the world of crafting. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. Plastic canvas patterns is a super idea for creation beautiful and intricate things.

What are the advantages of plastic canvas over textile canvas?

  • Plastic canvas is a fairly hard material, so it is used for embroidering flat items that need to keep their shape, such as keychains, refrigerator magnets, decorations, etc. Also, with plastic canvas, you can create 3D volumetric items, such as tissue box covers, stationery boxes, houses, and many other things.
  • You can cut the plastic canvas product with scissors along the perimeter. It does not crumble and the edges do not require processing.
  • Embroidery on plastic canvas does not wrinkle, it does not require ironing, it is originally flat and smooth, because the embroidery is done immediately on a solid surface.
  • Plastic canvas is an ideal material that beginners should use. When someone just starts cross-stitching, at first the embroidery doesn’t come out too neat and the stitches are uneven, some are too tight, and some are too loose. Plastic canvas is perfect for beginners, since the stitches will be even regardless, due to the stiffness and immobility of the mesh cells.

What types of plastic canvas are there, what types of counts are there. Which counties are used and for which types of crafts?

Most often in sale you can find a plastic canvas 6, 8, 10, 14 count. Counts are calculated analogously to a textile canvas – this is how many full crosses fit into one inch of canvas.

What and how are different counts of plastic canvas used for?

Plastic canvas 6 and 8 count is a canvas with very large cells. Usually it is embroidered with thick knitting threads. Such canvas is used for creating large volumetric objects. For example, women’s clutches, boxes for napkins, dollhouses and furniture for dolls and other items.

Plastic canvas 10 count is the most universal. It can already be used both for 3D volumetric crafts and for flat figures, for example, New Year decorations or magnets for the refrigerator. Plastic canvas 10 count can already be used with embroidery threads such as DMC. For cross stitch embroidery on it, it is ideal to use embroidery threads in three strands.

Plastic canvas 14 count is the canvas with the smallest cells that can be found for sale. It is perfect for creating flat figures – dream catchers, refrigerator magnets, bookmarks, flat New Year decorations. It is optimal to use a 2-strand thread for cross-stitching on it.

What can be made from plastic canvas – ideas for creativity?

Plastic canvas can be used to create a wide variety of projects, from bookmarks and coasters to wall hangings and keychains. It can also be used to create beautiful and intricate designs, such as 3D figures and animals. Plastic canvas is a versatile material that can be used to create stunning pieces of art and craft.

In our Smasterilli shop there is a wide range of various patterns and tutorials for plastic canvas. For example, for beginners, corner bookmarks from plastic canvas are ideal.

Orange Cat Bookmark Cross-Stitch Pattern PDF, plastic canvas pattern
Dog Cross Stitch Bookmark Pattern PDF, plastic canvas pattern & tutorial

If you are an advanced user, you can take a look at the volumetric figures – a mimic chest and a Christmas nutcracker.

Nutcracker Cross Stitch Pattern PDF, Christmas Plastic Canvas Pattern & Tutorial, 3D Christmas Decoration DIY
Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern, Plastic Canvas Box, Teeth Chest

Also, continuing the topic of 3D figures, I recommend taking a look at 3D insects: a realistic fly and a 3D ladybug.

Cross stitch pattern of a realistic fly for garden décor, plastic canvas pattern
Ladybug Cross Stitch Pattern & Tutorial PDF for Plastic Canvas project

How to care for a product made of plastic canvas.

Plastic canvas is a convenient and reliable material for creativity, and projects created with it retain their appearance for a long time. Plastic canvas does not stretch and does not deform when washed, so you can wipe the embroidered projects with a damp cloth from dust. However, you cannot iron them with an iron – plastic canvas can melt from this.

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