Potted cactus cross stitch pattern PDF, home plant plastic canvas pattern, modern cross stitch pattern #0307

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With this Potted Cactus Cross Stitch Pattern PDF, you can easily create a stylish, modern plastic canvas masterpiece. Craft a unique prickly pear-inspired design with this easy-to-follow pattern and add a touch of nature to your home.Detailed assembly instructions and a cross stitch pattern for the plastic canvas of a prickly pear with heart leaves that will decorate your windowsill or bookshelf.
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Get your hands on the unique Potted Cactus Cross Stitch Pattern PDF and create your own modern, plastic canvas masterpiece! This prickly pear-inspired design is perfect for any craft lover who wants to bring a touch of nature into their home.

Files for downloading includes:
  • 1 PDF file with cross stitch patterns and instructions with photos and useful tips. PDF contains 3 variations of charts: chart with color and symbol blocks, chart with symbols only, chart with color blocks only. It can be printed on A4 paper. Also PDF file contains useful information about colors, the number of stitches, and the number of skeins of thread in each color
  • 3 JPG files: full chart with color and symbol blocks, full chart with symbols only, full chart with color blocks only
Finished size:

Size for 10 count of plastic canvas
13 cm in height (5,12 inches) 10 cm in width (3,94 inches)
Colors: 6 colors

Copyright and other information:

All rights reserved. All patterns and tutorials are intended for personal use only. It is prohibited to share, copy, resell, license and sublicense, use in advertising and use for other commercial purposes.

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Photo by Customers

Opuntia cactus cross stitch on plastic canvas

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