About me

Hi! My name is Ekaterina Byrkova. I am an artist and designer of patterns for cross-stitch, and I also like to come up with my own original textile toys.

Byrkova Ekaterina , artist , cross stitch designer , owner smasterilli shop

Since childhood, I have been fond of sewing toys, weaving beads and knitting. I liked to create something new and come up with my own original creations. About 5 years ago I opened a store on Etsy. This experience has shown that people from all over the world are happy to create something new together. It’s just incredible when ideas and designs are not limited by any boundaries! And I am happy to be a part of the global creative community.

My designs are made mainly in a modern style. I am inspired by animals and nature. I try to put thoughts and ideas into my schemes and patterns so that needleworkers around the world can create beautiful things filled with meaning.

On this website you can find my patterns and tutorials and buy it and support me.


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